Cloud Integration – Solving Three Integrations in One Step

True integration through the cloud is bigger and more far-reaching than providing some operational gains, actually simplifying your IT requirements and boosting connectivity immediately out of the box.  As discussed in the prior blog your CRM(s) integration is huge – but true cloud integration does more, granting your firm with optimized carrier routing at plug-in and proven VoIP functionality/cost benefits. These far-encompassing features remove significant headache while freeing up your hardware and network IT groups, billing department, and operational management resources for much more important duties.  To help understand the scale of difference, using Cloud integration solutions is like avoiding the headaches of building a house from scratch by leasing a mansion staffed with housekeepers, landscapers, and maintenance personnel dedicated to optimizing your living conditions.  You don’t have to worry about the zoning, running water, hiring teams of contractors, dealing with huge commitments – you just move in!  Complex points of integration with network, carriers and CRM is handled in one step.

VoIP Integration

VoIP has revolutionized contact center finances by turning fixed-cost phone lines/PBX/switches into a variable-cost (with ever decreasing rates) voice data option.  With the growth of VoIP has come countless technical requirements and components that must be navigated to create a consistently effective solution.  Cloud VoIP integration provides solutions instead of headaches – don’t worry about which codec to use, or the best application to install, the trunking scheme to set up, or how your dialer and PBX will meld with the rest of these settings.  A truly integrated cloud contact center tool will have optimized settings that remove the guesswork – and IT hassle – from your end.  If you take nothing else away from this blog, take this: there is no significant cost or complexity hurdle to gain the benefits of VoIP.

CRM Integration

The real-time data exchange between your various databases/CRMs and the dialing process available through the cloud simplifies the user experience while increasing compliance and operational transparency.  Cloud-based systems already have web-services built into their systems allowing API communication at the agent ACD and IVR level.  Interested in having a single screen for your dialing, CRM, mainframe, ancillary databases, and script?  Do you want a self-pay option built into your IVR that communicates with your database?   Laying the groundwork for multi-channel and/or social/mobile?  Accomplishing all this is very doable – with the right cloud vendor.

Carrier Integration

Your carrier relationship – the integration between your dialing operations and your customers – is another big headache that the cloud takes off your plate.  Whether using a standard PBX, VoIP PBX, or straight VoIP a carrier must be involved to connect your dials.  Instead of negotiating contracts with various carriers, attempting to work through lowest-cost routing, and paying professional services fees for the technical expertise for the connection if working on your own, with an integrated cloud solution all these details are worked out for you.  Furthermore, no need for long-term contracts for carrier solutions, leaving your options open and your powder dry.

Integration that simplifies operations and frees up needed resources is the goal of many man-hours at firms across the world, and you can see why.     Consider the advantages of an out-of-the-box pre-integrated solution the next time you struggle with your VoIP, CRM, or carrier solutions and whether these advantages might be for you.

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