LiveVox CEO Shares His Thoughts On the Recent Partnership with Aspect Software and Investment by Golden Gate Capital



Today we announced two major milestones for our company:

 1- A majority stake investment from Golden Gate Capital in LiveVox,  

2- And a strategic partnership between Livevox and Aspect Software.

Golden Gate Capital (GGC) is a privately held enterprise and holds investments in more than 35 companies. GGC investments are concentrated in six strategic industry verticals: software, semiconductors and IT hardware, retail and restaurants, industrials, business and information services, and financial services. While remaining an independently operated company, LiveVox will join GGC’s portfolio of leading contact center technology providers, which includes Aspect Software. More details can be found here.

We are excited by this opportunity, as it demonstrates the vision of our company and the growth we have achieved. We believe that GGC is the ideal investor to maintain the right focus on LiveVox’s strategic direction.

This relationship also helped us to engage in a strategic partnership with Aspect Software. More details can be found here. This partnership will initially focus on a joint Go To Market between the companies:

▸ LiveVox and Aspect Software sales and marketing organizations will coordinate and collaborate on Go To Market efforts to maximize our customer outreach and growth. ▸ We will cross-license and cross-sell each other’s products to better serve our current and new customers.

▸ Our mutual teams will leverage the scale of both organizations to optimize efficiencies in network and telco infrastructure.

We will then leverage the cloud solutions of Aspect Software and more specifically Aspect’s market leading WFO and multi-modal self-service/IVR suites to expand the breath of cloud solutions LiveVox offers to customers. We believe that the addition of these product suites to our existing LiveVox portfolio will create one of the most compelling cloud solutions available in the industry for contact centers.

Finally, our LiveVox portfolio will also become available internationally, as we work with Aspect Software to make our solutions available in Aspect’s global data center and telco infrastructure. We are excited to bring these new LiveVox-Aspect combined solutions to expanded geographies via this partnership, as many new customers will be able to benefit from our cost effective, highly scalable and burstable, software defined cloud platform. Aspect Software will distribute the new combined solutions internationally and will specifically target Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) looking for a cloud solution with the new bundle “Aspect BPO Cloud, powered by LiveVox”. More details can be found here.

As the contact center industry’s transition to the cloud accelerates, we are excited to put in place such a strong partnership with Aspect Software, which will enable LiveVox to deliver compelling contact center solutions and expertise to customers.

Louis Summe, LiveVox CEO

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