Centralized Management & Control

The multi-site contact center, whether developed organically or through acquisition, leads to complex, inflexible and often disparate IT and telephony infrastructure. Proprietary hardware increases the cost and complexity of integration and becomes a roadblock to change. LiveVox facilitates multi-site deployment via GUI solving custom integration issues.

Robust ETLs enable integration with host systems and CRMs, consolidating data views and improving efficiency in the deployment of workflows, agent groups and campaigns.

The LiveVox cloud creates a common integration point for contact center IT organizations to ensure operations run smoothly and securely while remaining adaptable.


  • Offers migration path that mitigates development & capacity-procurement risk
  • Call recordings reside in one secure location
  • Organized and efficient change management
  • Real-time reporting access regardless of location
  • Compliance and disaster recovery assistance included


  • GUI-based site contact center configuration
  • CTI and host system integration GUIs
  • PCI compliant policies leveraged across locations
  • Data exchange customization
  • Real-time agent monitoring via Global ACD
  • IT audit controls for tracking changes
  • Centralized reporting portal for multi-site management
  • Role-based security configured via GUI


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