Cloud Based Switching

Cloud-based switching lets contact centers more seamlessly execute multi-site call routing with real-time visibility into agent presence at all locations.

Simpler, better, more scalable and more cost efficient than site-premised switching or limited “intelligent” network hardware, cloud-based switching can revolutionize on-shore, offshore and home-agent call center routing.

Since contact centers no longer have to rely on on-site PBXs or network routing “master node” hardware, calls are routed more quickly to and between agent groups, simplifying skills-based routing and improving service levels.

Read about the benefits of cloud-based switching here:


  • Improves call routing real-time visibility into agent presence at all locations
  • Enables seamless load balancing across sites
  • Eliminates need to purchase expensive “master node” routing hardware or on-site PBXs


  • Network-based switching simplifies network topology reducing maintenance
  • Faster transport of voice/data to agents and between contact centers if needed
  • Centralized control of routing/switching across locations
  • Load balancing reduces needs to create the “perfect schedule” with workforce management software
  • 24×7 NOC monitoring and support
  • Supports LiveVox Communicator, other soft phones or  hard phones
  • Integrated into the LiveVox ACD, IVR, call recording and business analytics applications



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