Five Reasons To Retire Your Agent PBX

No More PBX

As the changing regulatory environment continues to pose problems for the contact center industry, the challenge of maintaining compliance has never been greater. Steep TCPA penalties, combined with a growing number of “mobile only” Americans, have left contact centers in a difficult place trying to contact mobile numbers efficiently and compliantly. But even operators who interpret the TCPA as requiring manual dialing of wireless numbers still risk compliance violations. Before choosing to forgo operational efficiency by accepting manual dialing as your compliance solution, especially through a PBX, there are a few factors that you should take into consideration.

1. Lack of Do Not Call (DNC) visibility By allowing your agents to manually dial wireless numbers through a PBX you are often giving up DNC fail-safes. Without the ability to scrub manually dialed numbers against your DNC database you are likely to face upset consumers and harsh penalties. You’ve got a DNC list – are you sure agents should be able to bypass your safeguards? 2. Loss of time zone control

Relying on your agents to abide by time zone restrictions is risky business. Between holidays and unique state rules the list is complex – and not something an agent concentrating on your business should worry about. Aggressive agents may compromise your compliance by dialing too early, too late or too often without the necessary controls in place to restrict them from doing so.

3. Real and potential gaps in recording

Call recording is the core of compliance. Maintaining 100% call recording has become an industry standard. Good luck defending harassment claims without it.

4. What it means to give up Answering Machine Detection (AMD) Manual dialing is time consuming and not cost-effective relative to allowing a system to dial for you. Having high AMD accuracy boosts agent efficiency as agents do not have to listen to the call ring-back for each dial awaiting an answering machine. AMD can strengthen your compliance as well, giving you greater control over the messages being left on answering machines.

5. Can you monitor/coach/barge from your PBX?

As the industry faces heightened regulatory scrutiny, having visibility into real-time agent presence is essential for survival. Additionally, having the ability to monitor, coach, or barge into calls allows you to better train your agents and ensure that compliance policies are being observed.

While manual dialing may seem like the safest bet in combating against the TCPA, it is important to ensure that you are not creating additional compliance gaps in the process. Comprehensive compliance solutions are becoming imperative for successfully navigating through this increasingly litigious and regulated industry.

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