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How Cloud is Reducing Staffing Pressures by Increasing Agent Efficiency in Healthcare

As the healthcare industry prepares for a changing and growing patient base, healthcare revenue cycle (RC) managers, and the businesses that service them, are challenged with maintaining their revenue cycle performance and customer service levels despite increasing pressure on staffing resources. Cloud is helping tackle these challenges by enabling a significantly more efficient workforce and optimized self-service strategies. For the last 20+ years, contact centers … Continue reading

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Practical Magic: Applications of 100% Call Recording

Faced with stringent compliance rules and a demand for transparency, 100% call recording has become the gold standard in the contact center industry.  But while many have adopted call recording to meet their compliance needs, few fully capitalize on the wealth of information these recordings offer.  Viewing 100% call recording not only as a compliance safeguard but as a resource introduces many other ways it can be used … Continue reading

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Five Reasons To Retire Your Agent PBX

As the changing regulatory environment continues to pose problems for the contact center industry, the challenge of maintaining compliance has never been greater. Steep TCPA penalties, combined with a growing number of “mobile only” Americans, have left contact centers in a difficult place trying to contact mobile numbers efficiently and compliantly. But even operators who interpret the TCPA as requiring manual dialing of wireless numbers … Continue reading

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LiveVox CEO Shares His Thoughts On the Recent Partnership with Aspect Software and Investment by Golden Gate Capital

  Today we announced two major milestones for our company:  1- A majority stake investment from Golden Gate Capital in LiveVox,   2- And a strategic partnership between Livevox and Aspect Software. Golden Gate Capital (GGC) is a privately held enterprise and holds investments in more than 35 companies. GGC investments are concentrated in six strategic industry verticals: software, semiconductors and IT hardware, retail and … Continue reading

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Managing Inbound Call Traffic: The Essentials

Customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and compliance are at the forefront of a value-contributing inbound operation.  In order to keep customers happy and ensure that your inbound call traffic is handled within a set service level, contact centers must minimize their call answer time while maximizing the fit of agent skill to customer needs. When customers call in they expect calls to be handled quickly and … Continue reading

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Two Ways Cloud Enables Contact Centers To Cut Costs

Budget season is upon us. In the upcoming months business leaders will be challenged to find ways to do more with less.  However, the fight against inertia of established practices or technologies, even when budget savings are obvious, is not easy. This is especially true for enterprise contact centers where complexity appears to be a necessary evil. But is it really? Cost of Complexity: For … Continue reading

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True integration through the cloud is bigger and more far-reaching than providing some operational gains, actually simplifying your IT requirements and boosting connectivity immediately out of the box.  As discussed in the prior blog your CRM(s) integration is huge – but true cloud integration does more, granting your firm with optimized carrier routing at plug-in and proven VoIP functionality/cost benefits. These far-encompassing features remove significant … Continue reading

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A big topic in the contact center space, whether using a predictive dialer or handling inbound service calls, is integration between the dialer, IVR, ACD and CRM. To receive the maximum benefit and actually unlock new features the industry will have to think outside the box, raise the bar on integration expectations, and view it as functioning within your operational processes.  From here you can … Continue reading

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Your compliance efforts, based on your interpretation of pending regulations and ever-tightening client demands, have arrived at the point where every call on your predictive dialer and off must be recorded. But you’ve already got that, right? On every call potentially made to, or from, your customers? Maybe not. In this blog we will break down all the aspects of your dialing process and point … Continue reading

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In the final blog of this series on Answering Machine Detection, we will discuss AMD’s impact on your compliance initiatives. Continue reading

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