Business Analytics

LiveVox’s unified platform is able to capture a wealth of data that range from the effectiveness of individual agents to the efficiency of contact campaigns. However, data is only as valuable as a manager’s ability to utilize the information to make decisions that drive strategies and improve results. LiveVox provides its clients with business analytic features and services to help them better leverage their data.

Analytic Features & Services Include:

Performance Monitoring and Review

  • Identify areas for improvement, set objectives and create action plan
  • Improve agent efficiencies and best practices
  • Help visualize and assess performance

Industry Benchmarking/Comparison

  • Compare performance KPIs to industry baseline/benchmarks
  • Dialer & call routing efficiency

Cost Analysis

  • Telephone bill analysis
  • TCO models
  • Evaluating most cost effective combination of LiveVox solutions

Technology Assessments

  • Network and infrastructure reviews
  • VoIP migration consulting

Strategy Assessments

  • Time to Call Analysis
  • Account Penetration Analysis
  • Compliance Management suite
  • Multi-Channel Preference
  • Agent and campaign-level productivity stats

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