Capacity Provisioning

Capacity provisioning and scale are key differentiators between LiveVox and competing hardware or hosted systems. LiveVox is a fully burstable solution that delivers on-demand capacity needs both in terms of real-time concurrent call processing and the number of agents or locations on LiveVox.

The SIP-platform, leverages carrier-class IP/MPLS transport to both optimize agent productivity and deliver ongoing operational cost efficiency through the ability to transform so-called “fixed” costs of TDM infrastructure into variable costs that can be managed and right-sized for the organization.

LiveVox eliminates capacity issues that surround CPE solutions based on traditional TDM trunks (e.g. T1) and other IP contact center solutions that cannot scale – offering unprecedented operational flexibility to call center managers. LiveVox does not rely on telephony board and / or┬ádedicated DSP resources that inevitably hinder application scalability and performance. Without any TDM trunking or telephony board constraints, LiveVox is able to offer fundamentally more flexible services.

As a contact center application cloud, LiveVox adds standard processing components on-demand to meet any scalability requirements.


  • Cost efficiency through right-sized IT and telecom infrastructure
  • The security and Quality of Service (Qos) of carrier MPLS
  • Agent optimization regardless of portfolio type

Features Include:

  • Direct access to carrier backbones
  • Multiple IP carriers with overlapping geographic coverage and automatic failover
  • Telephony building blocks managed as a pool of resources guaranteeing high availability and performance, regardless of application load
  • A Gigabit Ethernet LAN and WAN mesh to eliminate bottlenecks and single points of failure
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet links to the internet


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