Client Results

Are you tracking the right KPIs?

  • Do you have enough lines per agent on your dialer?
  • Do you know the cost of unproductive agents if you lack dialing capacity?
  • What is your ratio of talk time/wrap time/ready time?
  • If you do not look at talk/wrap/ready times, when did you stop tracking it and why?
  • Do you know how often your agents talk to answering machines?
      • Increases Right-Party Contacts ~ 100%
      • Increases agent talk time and productivity ~ 30%-50%
      • Decreases total cost of dialer operations ~ 45%
      • Implemented across geographies in a couple of weeks
      • Immediately cash flow positive, delivering instant ROI
      • Click here to read how Stellar Recovery is hitting its 60% agent talk time (without speaking to answering machines) v/s 20% wrap time and 20% waiting time (per agent, per hour) ratio without using a hardware dialer.
      • Within the first four days, one Georgia-based organization with approx 100 agents was able to increase agent talk time by more than 50%. ROI from high-balanced accounts was 16 times the total cost of LiveVox AND the agent labor needed to work the accounts. Since LiveVox requires no set-up costs, the system is immediately cash-flow positive.
      • LiveVox reporting allows organizations to gain productivity by drilling down to the performance of individual agents. At one agency client, LiveVox found a agent whose RPC rate of 12.5 per hour was at first glance quite impressive. However, the agent’s average call duration was only 12 seconds, meaning this agent was under-performing on precious RPCs and impacting the value of the portfolio. LiveVox notified the client as part of our service to continue to work with clients in an ongoing basis.
      • A top-5 mobile phone provider utilizes LiveVox to send customized messages with multiple voice talents at varying times beyond the past due date. These messages link to an integrated payment line so subscribers can pay bills on the spot and without interacting with an agent. The provider’s average monthly ROI is 50-100 times the cost of LiveVox.

If you don’t know these answers, please
contact us now.

Unlimited dialing capacity and industry-specific campaign management features allow us to help our clients maximize the productivity of their largest line item – their collectors.

Our client success stories are numerous:

Hitting Consumer Talk Time Goals
Dollars generated are a function of the portfolio and the strength of your agents. KPIs such as talk/wrap/ready times and RPCs/agent/hour both track system performance. Collection organizations have been constrained by line-limiting hardware and a lack of dialing capacity and continue to see declines in these metrics—until LiveVox.

Dialer line starvation saps agent productivity and has even led some in the industry to abandon metrics such as talk time, wrap time and ready time. Agencies should be hitting ratios of 60% talk time v/s 20% wrap and 20% ready times, but they lack the dialer capacity to do so.

First-Party Self-Cure Campaigns
Unattended message blasting can be a poor way for late-stage collection firms to boost productivity. However, messaging has resulted in strong returns for first-party organizations have when linking to self-cure campaigns.

Reducing Abandoned Calls
Many believe that hosted technology means a tradeoff between an inability to work account volumes and accepting a high rate of abandoned calls. This is true for many solutions. Not LiveVox. Our integrated ACD and precise pacing can help manage to their desired level of abandons.

Client Success Is An Ongoing Priority
LiveVox continually works with our clients to improve their operations and increase revenue.

Click here for a list of tips from LiveVox CEO Louis Summe, as published in InsideARM, for ways to optimize your dialing campaigns.

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